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Cryptocurrency scams come in many different ways, and many of them hit users who are new to the cryptocurrency environment. Acting as an honest and credible crypto initiative, scam artists take advantage of those who are ignorant of the difference between a real site and a fraudulent one, as well as those who do not know the difference between a Ponzi scheme and a legitimate affiliate network.

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    Scammers trick people

    These scammers trick people into believing that their well-designed websites give them an ambiguous, but still successful, degree of credibility. However, in actuality, these pages lack any sort of appraisal. The below are some immense red flags you should be on the lookout for:


    The website does not have an SSL certificate

    With the emergence of digital currencies and the overall expanded usage of the internet, having an SSL credential on a cryptocurrency-related website is necessary.

    For websites with no SSL, visitors only see HTTP pages previous to their domain names, and for websites with SSL, visitors see HTTPS pages.

    Some websites are here now, gone tomorrow spam sites that prey on vast numbers of consumers, and after they have lured a certain amount of customers, they shutter the site and go on to a fresh domain.

    As long as websites have identical domain names, they can be conveniently and efficiently moved from one domain to another, supplying these con artists with the requisite financial help.

    The deal is too good to be true; it must be a scam

    This is something that everyone will appreciate. If you try to make the highest return on your money or bitcoins, you'll want to get the best possible deal.

    A decentralised blockchain, such as Bitcoin, ensures that most crypto markets have their own trading rates.

    The averages remain quite constant, though the amounts of deviation are very limited. If you see a marketplace providing affordable prices that are either lower or higher than what is provided by other existing exchanges, then it is a giant warning sign.

    An simple way to make more money is to partner with a trustworthy and safe platform that has better fees than to attempt to find the lowest price on an anonymous marketplace that will more likely swindle you out of all your money.

    Never invest in a Ponzi scheme.

    Although certain Ponzi schemes are apparent once they've been around for a brief amount of time, most are not quite as simple. As a result, since their original participants would have already earned their earnings (derived from payments from potential recruits), they would be the first ones to write glowing feedback on the website.

    At first sight, you could be tricked into believing it's a legal crypto operation, as long as you meet someone else has profited from the scheme. If you look at the good feedback, you'll find that they all speak about the same thing.

    We would also like to put a bet that the ties for their affiliates or referrals would be found on the analysis.

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