An Even Easier Rice Cooker

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Rice cookers have completely simplified the process of making delicious, fluffy rice, but they haven’t managed to solve that one annoying step of measuring the water. Until now! The Masterchef Rice Cooker by Jung Junyoung takes out the guesswork. Depending on the amount of rice you’ve placed in the container, it will automatically alert you when you’ve poured in the right amount of water. Using a dedicated smartphone app, you can also make adjustments depending on the type of rice or way you like it cooked.

Designer: Jung Junyoung

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An Enhanced Espresso Experience | Star Magazine


The ZEEN coffee machine was designed to connect the barista and drinker for an enhanced espresso experience! Using different mirrored surfaces, including a distorting mirror and convex mirror, customers can see their cuppa joe come to life in an entirely new way.

The distorting mirror installed at the front interface reflects the coffee drops and amplifies it into a dynamic pattern. The prefect convex mirror at the back side faces toward customers and reflects the surrounding atmosphere.

Designer: Chung-Yen Chang


“This project is based on the concept of amplifying performance through reflection. The performance is influenced by reflected surface of “ZEEN” and movement of surroundings. It concentrates everything without exception on a single image. With things moving in the context, various effects are shown through immediate reflection of current situation,” Chung-Yen told Yanko Design.


“With the new feature, “ZEEN” engages entire environment as well as people into the coffee dialogue to simulate more emotions and increase the dynamic of social activities.”









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An entertaining Egg-tool! | Star Magazine

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I’ve got this design to show you, but for the first time, I’ve got nothing concrete to say about it. The Egg Tool caught my eye, but the more I looked at it, the more my eyebrows furrowed, and the more confused and amused I felt. There was only one way to break an egg according to cooking show and cartoons. Whack it against something or someone. The Egg tool takes on a new approach with an entire set-up that goes all the way from lifting, to storing, to breaking, to separating, and finally to whisking the egg. Its design is almost reminiscent of the kind of kitchen gizmos you’d find being sold by Looney Tunes company, ACME Industries. It’s strange, quirky, and honestly, quite unnecessary. But it does the job, and makes me smile, and that’s where it wins my heart!

Designer: Isabella Jesslyn Sutisna

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An Extraordinary Necessary Sanitary System

We love it when a student project takes off, going from the concept realm to being realized into an actual product… more so when it’s a medical/social-awareness project! The Flo is a wonderful product that creates an easy, efficient, discreet, and healthy system for women and girls in rural areas to wash, dry, and store their sanitary pads.

The social stigma around menstruation still exists even today in rural areas, to the extent that girls often avoid going to school while on their period, lest they be teased or shamed. Even worse, only 10% of families can afford to buy reusable sanitary pads (most families rely on rags and scraps of cloth), and the families that do purchase sanitary pads refrain from washing them properly or drying them out in the sun, under fear of allowing the rest of the society to see them. Flo creates a complete system for storing, carrying, washing, and drying sanitary napkins in a way that is efficient, engaging, and discreet, in an attempt to slowly remove the stigma behind menstruation while making sure the girls stay healthy, at an affordable price.

Rather than being a revolutionary sanitary pad (there are too many, say the designers behind Flo), the Flo is instead an entire kit, going all the way from a playful washing apparatus, to a concealed utility belt for carrying used and new pads, all the way to a box in which washed pads can be dried and fresh pads can be stored. We’re especially in love with the washing apparatus that uses plain physics (torsion) to spin a tiny drum at high speeds, effectively washing as well as drying used pads. The apparatus is hand operated and can be done solo, using virtually no energy!

The Flo is a beautiful and elegant solution that works because it looks at the entire problem right in the eye. Rather than redesigning the pad (which many people have tried over years), or trying to change society’s perception (which requires incredible amounts of time and patience), the Flo just provides a highly affordable solution that works perfectly in the present scenario, allowing young girls to stay healthy, comfortable, confident, and definitely not miss out on school and life!

The Flo is a winner of the IDEA award (Gold), and has also secured the prestigious James Dyson Award.

Designers: Mariko Higaki Iwai, Sohyun Kim, Tatijana Vasily, Charlotte Wong & Benjamin Freedman











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An e-Trike for Muscle Training

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The CERO tricycle goes far beyond fun! This adaptable e-trike is particularly useful for users with physical impairments who desire greater mobility, more exercise, or a supplement to physiotherapy.

Designed for those with medical conditions resulting from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and more, the design can be utilized in physical rehabilitation programs intended to help the patient regain strength and motion in impaired legs. During 20 minutes of cycling with the CERO each leg is bent more than 500 times. Even when the user’s legs can barely move on their own, the passive movement can help to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Users can adapt CERO to different leg lengths and find the most comfortable leg angle by inceasing and decreasing the distance between the pedals and the seat. The low center of gravity, seat with back support, and front steering give the rider a safe and secure feeling. The seat height, backrest height/angle, and the crankset’s position are all adjustable. The back, neck, shoulders and wrists are almost completely released from burden thanks to this special cycling position.

For individuals with stability problems or a variable energy level, there are three options available for ride style. Users can ride the trike by just pedaling, ride it by pedaling with electric pedal support, or with 100% electric power assist with variable speed levels.

Designer: Tamás Túri

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An Adventure-ready Rescue Drone | Star Magazine

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The Eagle Eye drone is a tricopter packed with powerful technologies to give wilderness rescue teams a birds-eye-view of the landscape below. For hard-to-reach areas and treacherous terrain, it uses a cocktail of cameras, sensors and integrated artificial intelligence to know the topology of the field.

Solar powered pylons keep the drone recharged so that it can work autonomously, scanning the ground daily to map track changes due to rain, falling trees that block paths, and the overall growth of vegetation in the area. This way, rescuers are always aware of the best routes and familiar with the territory in order to make the most effective rescues.

Designers: Francois Baptista, Stephane Pietroiusti, Manon Gerard, David Plachez & Gregoire Lauwers

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An Alluring Luring Apparatus | Star Magazine

Meant not just for fish alone, the Mondo Fly Fishing Rod is designed to charm humans into approaching it too! These high performance rods were built to stand at the cross-roads between adventure and art by coming with superior build quality while also collaborating with artists to allow your gear to make a statement, much like a skateboard or a guitar would.

With a 4 piece rod made from carbon graphite (used in high-end badminton rackets too), a AAA Cork handle, and a machined aluminum reel, the fishing rod is engineered to feel comfortable and light but be just the correct weight to cast the perfect line. The rods come in bright metallic colors reminiscent of sports-car paint jobs and the reels are available in silver and black, while all eyes are on the limited artist edition reels featuring vivid graffiti-esque artwork by famed American artist Sket One. Mondo plans to collaborate with many more artists to release exclusive art-reels in the coming months.

Made to be the opposite of camouflage (glamouflage, if you will), the Mondo Fly Fishing reels bring a sporty avatar to an otherwise meditative activity. Designed with premium materials, featuring artwork by renowned artists, the Mondo kit comes with everything you’d need, from the rod and reel, to even the line and specially selected flies. Just like most crowdfunding campaigns that cut out brand-costs and middlemen, the Mondo connects directly with its backers to deliver quality fishing kits without the premium price tag. In fact they have a number of their fly-fishing kits ready with shipping beginning as soon as the project ends! With the Mondo Fly Fishing kits, those trophy fish will fall for you hook line and sinker, and with a kit this good looking, you won’t even have to “fish” for compliments!

Designers: Taylor Barlow & Levi Gephart

BUY NOW: $ 339.00

$ 499.00

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BUY NOW: $ 339.00

$ 499.00

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An All New United Airlines


From lounge to landing, PriestmanGoode has given the United Airlines business class experience a total makeover and it’s primo to say the least! From a nose to tail re-design of both domestic and international aircraft interiors, through lounges with bespoke seating and finishes, to airport environments, digital media, inflight meal service items, menus and a plethora of other details, the new design language represents a new age of quality and refinement for United Airlines.

The United Polaris lounge will be available exclusively to United Polaris passengers. It has been designed around how passengers really use lounges. The lounge is ‘zoned’, with the most active zones in the entrance area, followed by the bar/buffet, and radiating out into the calmer zones further into the lounge. A bespoke Polaris seat ties in with the onboard experience and features all required amenities in a more relaxed setting, including privacy, coat and bag storage, pull out table with integrated tablet holder and charging points. Sleep/rest pods in the lounge will provide a high privacy area for passengers to rest pre-flight.

The United Polaris cabin includes an entirely new premium seat, based on an original, patented seat layout concept invented by Acumen, which United is the exclusive North American licensee for. PriestmanGoode then led the strategic development and the creative direction of the concept into a unique United Airlines product with distinctive features including integrated personal stowage with latching door, headphone hook and mirror, a do not disturb feature, bespoke reading light, large solid surface cocktail table and unique trim and finish including the latest innovations in aviation materials. The intuitive lighting and seat controls can be operated from any position and give passengers greater control of their environment.

Designer: PriestmanGoode




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An ATM you want to bank on!

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By far some of the worst user experiences in my life are the ones where I’m holding my ATM card, trying to extract money from the automatic teller machine. The ATMs still use Windows XP, in case you’re wondering why their interfaces are so messed up. Interfaces aside, even the design language for ATM kiosks seems so archaic, it’s time they were updated.

These new ATMs are called Man-Machine ATMs. That’s because their machine design is based strongly on human proportions, making them an ergonomic delight. You can see the study down below, showing why they’re designed the way they are, so that no matter what your height, the screen is well in your cone of vision, and the card and cash slots perfectly angled and placed for your arms to reach them.

They take a massive upgrade on the design front too, with matte anodized metal finishes, like our smartphones, exuding a sense of class and style. The red LED strip on the side helps one locate the ATMs in the dark too. Plus they give the machine a rather amazing looking halo. Wouldn’t it be wonderful though if the LED changed color? Imagine the color turning green when it dispensed cash!

Designer: ZhangZexin

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An appliance for your Masterchef kitchen


Sous Vide is something you hear on most fancy cookery shows. It’s the technique of cooking food that’s been vacuum sealed by immersing it in a water bath at a very precise and consistent temperature. Usually sous vide machines are highly industrial and reserved only for high-end restaurants. The Electrolux Athmos changes that. Keeping the principle the same, but giving the appliance a radical makeover, the Athmos is much more in lines with domestic kitchen appliances. Made primarily of plastic, the sous vide machine comes as a kit with everything you need, including the hand-held vacuum for preparing the sous vide bags. The cooking chamber is translucent, allowing you to see your food being cooked inside, and a pretty basic UI ensures you won’t fumble with the device. In fact, it even comes with a Recipe app that tells you how to prepare your favorite food using the Athmos sous vide machine!

Designers: Alessandro Dadone & Davide Cevoli.







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