A Tangible Tune Sharing Comeback!

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Gone are the days when sharing music was not only an audible but physical experience. These day, apps have replaced mixtapes and CDs you made for your friends and loved ones. Speakerfy, designed to be used in tandem with Spotify, can be paired between users to stream the same music. For instance, if you and a few buddies end up at the same place, you can link you devices together via magnetic connection and instantly play the same music, cycle between playlists, and collaborate on setting the vibe!

Designer: Savin Dimov

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A Supercase for your Macbook

You know how when Tony Stark steps into the exoskeleton suit, he becomes Iron Man? Think of the Boost as pretty much the same sort of suit for your Macbook.

Apple’s products continue to discard features in the name of sleekness and innovation. The MacBook has seen a similar fate. With just one USB type C port on the entire machine (and no glowing logo), the new MacBook feels sleek, but also weak. Boost, like its name says, is a razor thin case that gives the Macbook a much needed adrenaline shot, making it powerful in ways beyond Apple’s imagination. The case comes in two halves that cover the upper and lower parts of the MacBook. The upper half of the case comes in a decorative decal that not just ups your mac’s style quotient, it also prevents your laptop’s delicate Aluminum body from scratching or denting.

The lower half of the case however, steals the show. This absolute tech marvel turns your MacBook into nothing short of a performance laptop. With six different ports/readers and not one, but TWO 3300 mAh battery cleverly hidden inside its sleek design, the Boost has the body of a laptop case, but the personality of a multi-port dongle and a power bank.

At lesser than an inch in thickness, the lower half of the Boost case manages to include two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0), a USB type C port, a Mini HDMI port (for external screens or projectors), and two card readers (one for MicroSD and one for regular SD). It even packs 6600 mAh of battery power, capable of juicing your MacBook up to 62%, or even acting as a power bank for your phone/tablet. There’s even a power indicator on the case, that’ll tell you how much battery your Boost case has.

Where Apple fails, dongles take over. But where dongles fall short, you have the Booster. Most dongles just connect to the Type C port, and therefore stand the risk of breaking or damaging, because they’re holding onto the laptop at just one pivotal point. The Boost does it differently by marrying dongle and case, to create something that holds your laptop from all sides, not just protecting it, but empowering it too… while keeping your MacBook incredibly thin. Shut the haters and the naysayers up with the Boost laptop power-case! Now available with a crystal clear upper cover too!

Designer: Ack Lin

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A Sweet Little Trolley Table


From the designers at dialoguemethod comes a versatile table that you can easily move anywhere in the home and use in a myriad of ways. Its simplistic, eco-friendly board frame features fun, bold shapes with robust wheels that ensure it remains stable and as you roll it from room to room. Infinitely multifunctional, it can be used as a serving tray, utility cart, food trolley, portable table, nightstand and more. Better yet, its grey or red versions are perfect to pair with their RE:BOOK book holder!

Designer: dialoguemethod for MUNITO









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A Superbike named Revenge | Star Magazine

Remniscent of Mercedes Benz’s visual language when it comes to supercars (the SLS AMG comes to mind), the Mercedes Benz Revenge 2030 is a conceptual bike created by Alfonso Nuñez Perea, a transportation designer from Argentina.

Exotic at best, the concept bike looks like nothing I’ve seen before. The aesthetic is new and takes on a more singular, streamlined approach. The outer body has no breaks in the surface and the seat fabric extends right from the handlebars to the tail-light. Some might call the design perceived-aerodynamic, some may call it beautiful, some may even think of it as absurd. Alfonso calls it “hyper-functional”

Designer: Alfonso Nuñez Perea










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A toilet cleaner with a soul


Simple design is always the best type of design. Add to that a beautiful story, and you have a winner of a product! The Bloom toilet brush stands out as an example of a simple design with a beautiful story. Made as pretty much a single part, the Brush has a cup with bristles on the inside. Press the brush against a flat surface and the cup flips outwards, revealing the bristles within, completing the “bloom” story!

Yes, I know this is a toilet brush; but toilets are allowed to have nice things too!

Designers: Guosheng Rong, Chen Qian, and The Xu Shengli.



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A Table That Is Full of Suspense

Wayback Machine

The Axes Side table is a beautiful demonstration of how suspense can be used to introduce an element of visual interest into the design of a product. The alluring item of furniture gathers its inspiration from Lucio’s Costa Urbanistic drawings of the modern Brazilian capital that is Brasilia; this unique form allows for objects to hang on its side axes.

The careful selection of materials gives Axes an industrial and very relevant aesthetic; the central steel tubing leads down to a small, weighted base, further adding to the visual suspense of the design.

All-in-all, the unique and elegant design of Axes leads to a remarkably wonderful design, that is sure to steal the spotlight within any room!

Designer: Andre Leal of Studio Maré

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A timeless yet futuristic lamp


The Futura lighting by Hangar Design and Vistosi have an interesting aesthetic. Off the first glance, I’m reminded of Harman Kardon’s Aura speakers that created waves in the market (and still do) for having a transparent enclosure and a far-from-conventional design. The Futura lamps create the same wave, with their form and use of transparent and translucent materials.

The interesting piece of innovation is at the bottom of the lamp. While one would think that it’s plastic, or even marble, the lower shade is actually glass that’s been made translucent using a particular handicraft process. Hangar Design won’t tell us what it was! Either which way, we get an interesting lamp design that manages to be contemporary yet futuristic at the same time!

Designers: Hangar Design Group & Vistosi.



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A Storage container called home

Wayback Machine

Ukrainian Designer Igor Sirotov is back with a new architectural paradise, the ID1 House. Made purely out of cargo containers, the house design brings stor-age to the new-age (wasn’t that just clever?)!

The house uses a U shaped layout, creating two floors with all the space in the world. The classy touch lies in the bathtub that’s on the terrace (Leonard Cohen fans will get how cool that is), allowing you to soak in your bath salts as well as the tremendous view of the forest beyond. Breathless, don’t you think?

What is a home, just a storage container for the living soul…

Designer: Igor Sirotov

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