A Tent for Chief Sitting-Cat


Kennels go outside the house, but something as uniquely quaint looking as the Pet Teepee is perfect for keeping indoors! The Pet Teepee by Montreal-based Wild and Loyal is built to add character to the home-decor, while also giving your pet a comfortable, yet visually adventurous hide-out.

Handmade from wooden poles and cotton canvas fabric, the tent is easy to set up anywhere and provides a cool and comfortable pet-haven. It also makes the Teepee easy to dismantle and wash periodically. The Pet Teepee comes in two sizes and with plush cushions to keep on the inside. Pets live a life that’s carefree and filled with tiny thrills. The Pet Teepee will surely add a differentdimension to the adventure in your furry friend’s day!

Designer: Wild and Loyal

BUY IT HERE: $ 94.99

$ 115.00







( H/T: Yanko Design )

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