A Range You Can Move With


Whether you’re a cook with a compact space or a multitasking chef, the B’CHEF makes it easy for you to boil, simmer, saute, fry or sear anywhere with an outlet. This all-in-one cooking solution uses an induction system that reacts with the cookware. Unlike many other induction cookers, the two distinct sections are completely detached, making it possible to flip, shake and toss ingredients as you would with a traditional range!

Designer: Sumin Shin


“According to its own principle, heating section of induction range and upper part of pan should be tightly contacted. Because of it, movement of pan was restricted. The heating section and body of B’chef are separated, one do not have to be restricted. One can freely shake, bounce or whatever one could do on stove freely.

For a higher degree of freedom, body and heating section had to be wirelessly connected. Magnetic induction transmitter uses two coils (one transmitting, and one receiving magnetic field). Through them, electricity can be transmitted to each other, and heating part and pan can be connected through electromagnet. Lighting around the magnetic induction transmitting part shows the power of heat for users to acknowledge easily.”










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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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