A Pocket Watch You Can Wear

Wayback Machine

Can we have a different relationship with our time tellers? That’s the question Debaser Design asked when creating Marv, a beautiful transforming timepiece.

Until the 1900s, watching lived inside our pockets! You’d hold a handsomely crafted watch in your hand each time you wanted to know the hour. With Marv, you can do both. The design features a warm mocha-color, matte ceramic carbon body, nice proportions, a precise and machined rotational wheel, as well as an Alcantara strap. In short, it’s sharp looking. But, if it doesn’t match your outfit or you want to free up your wrist… just swap out the straps and hook it on your jeans or jacket and throw it in a pocket!

Designer: Debaser Design

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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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