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The Travelamp continues to enchant with its simplistic beauty and poetic design! Seldom do I look at a design and say “Hey, I want to talk about this AGAIN”, but the Travelamp is one of those rare, clever products that champions just an idea and transforms it into a product that brings a smile to your face.

The Travelamp is the kind of product that makes you go one of two things, “I wish I’d thought of that”, or “I really want that”. Just a simple silicone sleeve that fits over your phone’s flashlight, the Travelamp turns what’s essentially a harsh, blinding LED flash light into a beautiful, diffused area-light, and it does so with a quirkiness that’s just heartwarming!

Available in two variants, the table-lamp and the lantern, the Travelamp is ideal for the quick bed-time story, or even for children to play with… after all, creativity can be the best thing for a child, can’t it?

Designers: Sebastiano Tosi & Mattia Fossati


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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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