A home that restores faith in humanity

Most design schools make it mandatory for a student to do at least one project that revolves around disaster aversion and management. There are a lot of projects out there that explore the concept of a temporary disaster-relief shelter for victims and refugees. The temporary housing project by Maja Jandrić however arrives at the same end result (of providing a place to stay), but offers a different and more beautiful process.

The housing kit comes in segments that can be pieced together by the refugees themselves. Rather than opting for a design that requires heavy machinery, construction equipment, or experts, the housing system comes as a set of flat panels, furniture, and drapes. The houses are then assembled by the refugees together, allowing them to work together as a community and therefore instill a sense of harmony and a kindred spirit. Each housing unit is modular, allowing you to create grids, or neighborhoods of houses. The houses also provide curtains for walls, entitling you to your personal space when you need it, or allowing you to make your house a part of a mini, open community when you choose.

Designer: Maja Jandrić

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