A frisbee’s eye view | Star Magazine

If you’re ever wondering what sitting in an alien UFO feels like, I guess it pretty much feels like sitting on top of a frisbee… And that experience can be arranged for.

VFO, short for Video Flying Object is a frisbee mounted camera that records the frisbee in flight at 720p. Unlike most cases that allow you to put a GoPro into them, the VFO is a standalone camera (rather reasonably priced, at that) in a waterproof casing mounted on the top of a frisbee. It swivels freely at its pivot point, and even comes with a fin on the back that keeps the camera facing forwards while the frisbee is spinning, instead of rotating arbitrarily and giving you a chaotic mess of video footage. In fact, check the video above out for a demo!

Designer: Brookstone


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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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