A fidget toy for Mr. Rubik

Goodbye fidget spinner, hello infinity cube! This machined aluminum cube toy results in hours of fun while it keeps your fingers fidgeting and your mind racing. Comprising 8 interlinked mini-cubes that allow the toy to open up and close back in different orientations, the Infinity Cube keeps your fingers occupied and therefore helps deal with stress and anxiety, while also pushing your brain to solve problems faster.

The cube sits majestically on any desk, coming in two variants… anodized silver, and matte black. When in the cube formation, the smaller aluminum cubes sit in a 2x2x2 orientation, but when opened out, arrange themselves into a 2x4x1 layout that helps the Infinity Cube slide easily into your pocket, allowing you to carry your stress-buster wherever you go… because once you get your hands on this, you won’t be able to stop!

Designer: Bastion LLC


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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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