A drone you can eat

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You’re wondering if you read that right… Let me tell you, you most certainly did. The Pouncer is like no other drone before in the sense that it’s designed to be used just one time. The drone is designed to carry food, water, and medicine to disaster-struck areas and is made such that each part can be separately utilized for food or shelter.

The drone is designed to be hollow, so that it can carry food supplies, water, and medicine. The Pouncer is held together by a preformed plastic shell (that could make a roof), and the framework of the drone can be burnt as fuel to cook the food being carried by the drone, or to provide heat for refugees and victims. The drones are deployed from an aircraft and can navigate to within 7 meters of a drop zone. The drones even come with a parachute to provide a soft landing. Currently in its prototype phase, the Pouncer can be manufactured at a rather nominal cost and can carry 24 hours worth of food and supplies for up to a 100 people. That’s nothing short of incredible, isn’t it?

Designer: Windhorse Aerospace

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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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