A driver-reliant car in an autonomous future

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Designer Arie Hutton feels Audi’s design language has gone through constant evolution in the past few years. Therefore designing for 20 years in the future would mean creating something completely different, probably having no link to Audi’s current language, except for the iconic 4 ring logo on the front.

The Audi Formula Track 2036 has a strange backstory. It’s the year 2036, and autonomous cars have taken over… as a result of which, the car has become a travelling space, rather than an automotive product. People will end up just sitting in their cars, rather than experiencing the thrill of driving them. The Audi Formula Track therefore is the only place where people can actually drive cars for the adrenaline rush. Its racecar design implies a future where driving a car will be limited to just the racetrack, rather than actual roads. Driving may just go from a skill, to a hobby. Thoughts?

Designer: Arie Hutton

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