A Distorted Dream Come True

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Guitarists are on the never-ending lookout for the perfect distortion! This usually means cycling through pedal after pedal. Until now… unlike other designs with only 2 or 3 physical dials to manipulate the sound, the Conus pedal uses a smart phone’s interface to allow for absolute tone control. The intuitive plug-and-play system makes it easier than ever to pump up or fine tune your fuzz, crunch, drive, boost, sizzle or thrash!

Designer: Andrew Ferrier

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“The removable power cable sits all the way inside the metal housing, leaving only the relief exposed. A simple solution for making the jack less susceptible to damage,” Designer Andrew Ferrier told YD.


“Musical equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear. Currently, most pedals are powder coated, which ends up chipping faster than one would think. To maintain the product’s aesthetic appeal, the material (galvanized steel) was celebrated rather than covered up,” he continued.






( H/T: Yanko Design )

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