A Classic Yet Class-apart Camera

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Kodak-heads should love this one. While most people prefer strapping VR headsets to their head, the Kodak Instamatic Redesign concept aims at replacing future tech with nostalgia tech.

Given a sleek makeover, the Kodak Pocket Instamatic, an iconic camera from the 70s still retains the 36 exposure film format, making it brand new, yet familiar at the same time. The design of the Instamatic body ditches the old plastic construction for something much more relevant and premium. The sleek, anodized metal finish makes it look way classier than the funky, colorful plastic Instax© series by rival company Fujifilm. One detail that really resonated with us is the outline on the front face. The fact that it ditches the rectangle silhouette for an outline that grows wider around the lens and the viewfinder and narrower in the middle gives it the appearance of an extended pair of eyes, which just makes so much sense!

Designer: Hoyean Kim & PDF HAUS.

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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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