A bottle for your whisk-list wish-list

You wouldn’t expect any compromise in the whisking department from a company that literally calls itself Whiskware. They design bottles that can efficiently whisk, mix, incorporate, and blend ingredients kept inside them. Inspired by spray paint cans that contain a marble inside that when shaken, agitates the paint, mixing it up, these bottles do the same, using something they like to call a BlenderBall.

Modeled after a whisk, this wire ball fits inside this Dressing Bottle. The bottle is used for storing and pouring vinaigrettes and dressings. When made to stand too long, oftentimes ingredients (especially oil) separate out, forming layers. When shaken well, the blender ball churns all the ingredients together, not only making the dressing consistent, but also emulsifying the mixture beautifully. The result? Lip-smacking salad dressings that feel like cream against the tongue! The bottle is made for direct pouring, and can be pulled apart completely for easy cleaning either by hand, or in the dishwasher. Whiskware makes Pancake Batter bottles and Egg Mixer bottles featuring the BlenderBall too.

Designer: Whiskware


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