A Banger Washing Machine + Hanger

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The Samsung Hanger Washing Machine just completes the entire washing process with an additional step. Spinning doesn’t get rid of all the water, and hanging the clothes in the sun is something everyone is forced to do. The Samsung Hanger WM (short for washing machine!) integrates a powerful air-blower into the machine’s design. One simply hangs the clothes underneath the wall-mounted appliance and the hot wind blows the moisture out of the clothing. Its additional benefit is that it instantly de-creases the clothes, meaning you don’t have to iron them. You also have the benefit of adding a fragrance to the hot air, so that your clothes don’t just look fresh, they smell fresh too. The Samsung Hanger WM literally takes care of your clothes from laundry-bag back to the closet! Now isn’t that a dream come true?!

Designer: Wonkyung Jang

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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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