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You’ve taken the plunge and picked out your favourite from the range of tablets at Isme.com, but without the right accessories you’re not going to get the full experience. With that in mind, here are a few essentials to go with your tablet.

Protective Case

We’ve all had that heart-in-mouth moment of discovering a scratch on a brand new device, so protect your tablet from this fate by making sure the first accessory you buy is a good quality protective case. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money, as this really is a ‘buy cheap, pay twice’ purchase.

Accessories for your Tablet

Wireless Headphones

Try as hard as you like, the cable will inevitably get tangled up after 30 seconds in your bag. Avoid frustration with a stylish pair of wireless headphones, letting you relax with your favourite tunes without the hassle.

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Upright Stand

Your protective case may well be able to support your tablet standing up on its own, but a good solid stand is still a must. Many models are adjustable, allowing you to sit your tablet on your desk at the perfect angle for your eyes. Some include a charger and speakers, making them ideal entertainment stations.

Wireless Keyboard

All tablets will come with an on-screen touch keyboard but this can quickly get uncomfortable. A good wireless keyboard can make long sessions much more bearable. These are designed to be extremely portable, effectively letting you turn your tablet into a laptop at a moment’s notice.


If you like to doodle or take handwritten notes, or if you don’t like fingerprints all over your brand new tablet, a stylus might be just what you need. Essentially a pen for a tablet, these are more accurate than a finger when you’re using a touchscreen.

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