5 Different Types of Bedroom Style

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, many homemakers will decide on a certain theme as a way to influence their design style. Being one of the most used rooms in the house, it is important to take time over your design choices and that you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Consider which type of bedroom style will suit your home but also the current season and existing furniture items in the room. As a way to get to get your creative senses flowing, here are five of our top design tips to help you decorate the bedroom:


With many modern and contemporary styles influencing home décor design, it can be easy to overlook decorating in a traditional fashion. This is a style which depends upon symmetrical arrangements and classic furniture pieces. In this sense, you can pick up some great deals on conventional beds, drawers and wardrobes and combine them with classic wallpapers and paintings. In terms of colour, think simple or use natural woods or stone to create a homely, traditional feel.


One benefit of creating a vintage-styled bedroom is the fact that it won’t necessarily break to bank. Many items of a vintage or antique form can be purchased from charity shops or online auction websites at great prices. One good tip is to adorn an antique dressing table with plenty of small but elegant ornaments. You can hang old tapestries, framed portraits of vintage paintings, or groups of plates as a way to decorate the walls also. Research into a historical period, be it Victorian or psychedelic 1960’s, if you wish to concentrate on a single theme.

If you’re looking for more vintage inspiration or ideas, check online here:


Some homemakers like to keep up with the latest trends, making sure bedrooms are equipped with modern, trendy beds and matching furniture to complement it. Elegant but uncomplicated colour schemes will usually run throughout, often relying shades such as soft greys, bright whites and slick blacks. Some people go for metal-framed beds, wardrobes with mirrors, and quirky artwork to create that modern atmosphere. Using wide doors and windows will allow plenty of natural light into the room also.

For more contemporary styles and ideas, try these sites:


One popular trend is to fashion a very minimalistic bedroom with lots of open spaces and reduced pieces of furniture. A lot of modern homes look good in this style, with sparsely decorated walls and bare floors creating more room to move around in. Try and adopt plain, rectangular patterns with subdued colours for this effect. One good idea to help with this would be to invest in a cabin bed; these are beds where storage space – be it in the form of wardrobes, drawers or shelves – is created underneath the mattress.


Cottage-styled homes invoke a sense of cosiness and warmth whilst also giving off that traditional, British countryside feel. The bed can become the centrepiece of the room, with velvet duvets, silk-lined pillows and vintage blankets placed on top. Flowery patterns can create a welcoming atmosphere as well. With cottage bedrooms, you can also mix old and new styles together when shopping for furniture and ornaments.

Cottage bedrooms are a lovely style, you can get more ideas and inspiration online here:

The amount of varying styles to put into your home or to build upon is huge, there is certainly something for everybody to develop and create their own home around. You can add your own little styles and create something personal to you without damaging the existing aesthetic.

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