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The two most consumed beverages in the world… Both brewed by one single device! The Twin Carafe is a carafe and filter attachment that works for both tea as well as coffee brewing! The silicone attachment sits in a borosilicate carafe/jar, acting as a coffee dripping apparatus that you place your filter into. However, it can also be used to brew tea! The ridges on the underside of the silicone piece acts as filters, stopping the leaves from leaving the carafe as you pour your brewed tea out. The borosilicate carafe has a rather wide mouth that’s easy to clean while the glass itself can withstand high temperatures. The silicone attachment works flawlessly at high temperatures too, and is completely dishwasher friendly.

No matter whether you’re a tea person or a coffee person, the Twin Carafe checks both boxes… and looks rather exquisitely minimal while doing so too!

Designer: Studio Gorm


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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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