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You know what’s more accurate than one fitness device?? Two of them! Biostrap’s approach to fitness tracking is two-fold, with their wrist-worn band and their shoe-clip, working in unison to track your activities and gauge correctly the amount of energy expended.

The two devices track your entire body’s movements, while the Biostrap is programmed to record and track any sort of repetitive exercise. While the shoe clip helps creating an accurate chart of the kind of exercises being done (Biostrap has a library of over a hundred types of exercises from weights, to cardio, to even cycling and swimming, and can even identify which exercise the body is doing), the wristband itself comes with a clinical-grade PPG that doesn’t just measure the heartbeats, it captures the highs (beats) as well as the lows, to capture high-fidelity, raw PPG waveforms. The kind used by doctors to monitor their patients’ health.

The data is then sent over to Biostrap’s app (I wish it were called the Biostrapp) which with remarkable accuracy tells you which exercise you did, the number of reps, the session duration, calories burnt, and even the consistency of your exercise, letting you know if your work-out is on point, or if it needs improving… pretty much acting as a bespoke fitness coach that’s strapped to your wrist. And foot!

Designer: Biostrap


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