Twelve South made this discreet looking picture frame that also charges your phone

Turning a pleasant, memorable piece of home-decor into a useful product seems to be this year’s general consensus. Twelve South’s PowerPic is, outwardly, a photo frame, but it also happens to hide a wireless charger within it. The PowerPic sits on side tables, mantelpieces, workdesks, or coffee tables, and can hold any 5×7 photo of your choice within it. When not in use, the PowerPic is just another photo frame with a picture of your dog, parents, kids, siblings, or favorite artpiece. However, place your wireless-charging-compatible phone into the PowerPic’s thick-lipped frame and your phone instantly begins charging. Twelve South even went the distance by programming your phone’s screen to stay awake and display your wallpaper while charging, so your photo frame doesn’t get covered by a blank, black smartphone. The frame even uses authentic black or white New Zealand pine to look absolutely dapper, and conceals all unnecessary wires and cables into the photo frame’s footstand at the back. The things people think of these days!

Designer: Twelve South

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( H/T: Yanko Design )

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