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One grilled L-Section is all it takes to make furniture. Sounds like one of those fancy designer quotes, but no, that’s pretty much what this project is about. Vasyl Maletych’s Grate Module can be used in a variety of ways, but at its heart, it is still one single L-shaped product.

The way the Grate works, you can have anything from a fancy magazine rack, to a rather elaborate coffee table that can easily expand in size. All you need to do is add more grates… plus when you introduce colors, it moires beautifully to form the most complexly psychedelic pieces of art!

Designer: Vasyl Maletych

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A bottle redesigned for fitness

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Either protein shakes were not designed for conventional bottles, or conventional bottles were not designed for protein shakes. The bottle’s flat bases always end up accumulating this ring of coagulated protein powder that’s an absolute nightmare to clean. If you consume shakes (or even coffee), you’ll know what I’m talking about. An aesthetic eyesore, this particular phenomenon goes to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, making your fitness drink the very thing that contaminates you!

The guys at MOUS Fitness claim to have designed the perfect bottle. It uses an outer casing for gripping and stability, and comes with a round-base bottle that fits into the casing. Designed for shakes, energy drinks, or even fruit/veggie infused water, the MOUS Shaker bottle is great to carry on the go and even a dream to clean. The inner bottle is completely transparent, allowing you to inspect it for any drink remnants as you clean it. It comes with a rounded base, which means no more gunk because no more corners for the gunk to hide in. The bottle also has measurement markings on it, making it perfect to mix your drinks directly in. Designed to be thick, wide, and short, the bottle is great for gripping, stable when kept upright, and fits perfectly into any bag for you to carry around wherever you go. That’s quite a lot of thought put into a bottle, if you don’t mind my saying!

Designer: MOUS Fitness

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A Breezy Bose | Star Magazine

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This Bose isn’t your average speaker … errr… in fact, it’s not a speaker system at all. Instead of sweet tunes, it blasts ice cold air! Yes – it’s actually an exploration into what an AC unit from audio equipment maker Bose might look like. Now, on why you need an AC that looks like an expensive speaker… well, you don’t. But, it looks a heck of a lot better than those single-zone units out there now!

Designer: Junyoung Jung & Product Designer’s Forum

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기본 RGB

기본 RGB







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A Bright Idea | Star Magazine


Outlets… they’re everywhere and yet never there when you need them! Often times, it’s lighting that takes up valuable plug space. The Bulb Charger is a handy lighting solution that eliminates this problem by integrating USB ports placed directly at the end of the bulb! This way, if you’re at home, a cafe or anywhere else, you can find a place to charge your devices even when the outlets are being used. It’s a design that’ll make you say “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Designer: Julia Kononenko




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A box full of aura


What if, just what if…you could relieve stress by just breathing in well oxygenated, fragrant air? Deep breathing is known to be a meditative process, so why don’t we bring that culture to the workplace, a zone just wrought with tension and stress? The Boon is an aromatic diffuser that also humidifies the air, giving you that perfect air texture to tantalize the inside of your nostrils and un-wrinkle that forehead. Paired with an app that allows you to control it remotely, the Boon uses water and aromatic oils to give you clean and scented air.

It even comes with an ambient light that tells you when the CO2 levels in your air increase, so you know when to let the aromatherapy begin!

Designers: Andy Park & Daniel Kim









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A Brighter Bookend | Star Magazine

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Nothing will bring your bookshelf style down like a bad bookend as they’re often comical or cheesy! Why not try something new? The Atlas Lamp breathes new life to boring bookshelves with a touch of ambient light that can be placed almost anywhere. No larger than a book itself, each Atlas Lamp can keep your books organized and upright and provide a cozy glow when it comes time to read!

Designer: Georg Åhrström

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A Bottle with a Boost

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Sometimes, staying hydrated simply isn’t enough. As any sports star or professional athlete can tell you, the right supplements can make or break your game. The Combo project challenges our preconceptions about the water bottle by introducing an entirely new way to give yourself a boost beyond simple H20.

At the top of the reusable bottle, capsules containing concentrated shots of nutritious ingredients ranging from amino acids to zinc can be inserted. Once in place, users can choose between normal or boosted water and back again, even controlling the duration and amount of the supplement addition. The result? A quenched bod that gets exactly what it needs to perform, sustain and recover!

Designers: Edward Sims & Andrea Ceccaroni

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As you begin to drink the capsules, ingredients are drawn into the flow of fluid and mix to create a nutritious boosted water. The concentrate stays in the capsule so you can refresh the water at any time and balance your intake based on what your body needs, without wasting a drop.

( H/T: Yanko Design )

A bottle opener for champions

I never thought something as ubiquitous as the bottle opener needed redesigning. The GrOpener proved me wrong for sure. The video above goes to demonstrate how incredibly easy it is to open a bottle with just a single hand, without bending the cap, or have it flying off in a random direction once it pops open.

The GrOpener (Grab+Opener) is designed specifically for single handed use. Making things easy for both abled as well as disabled people, the GrOpener sits comfortably on a bottle top and pops it open with an unbelievably easy trigger action. The GrOpener’s design makes sure the cap isn’t bent or warped in the opening process, while a magnetic piece within the GrOpener catches the cap as soon as it dislodges from the bottle neck. Well, now unless you’re Bruce Lee with a pair of nunchucks, I don’t see you opening a bottle better than that!

Designer: Mark Manger

BUY IT HERE: $ 9.99

$ 16.00





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A Burning Desire to make Art

Any Photoshop users? Remember the Burn tool? You can own one now! FEBO is a literal burn-brush that allows you to paint with sunlight! Using a magnifying lens (a pretty large one, so stay safe, peeps), the FEBO converges light to a single point, allowing you to burn patterns or artwork or text onto a variety of surfaces. Its pretty easy to use, and comes with a protective guard so you don’t accidentally burn the table you keep it on! Packed along with it are a set of stencils, allowing you to burn some pretty neat looking patterns onto wood or cork or leather (you’ve got quite a few materials to choose from).

FEBO’s so hardcore, you’re advised to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. It also comes in a wide variety of wood choices, giving you the freedom to choose a finish of your choice!

Designers: Paola Papetti, Rosalia Galeano, Francesca Padovan

Buy It Here: $ 35.00

$ 49.00

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A Breakfast Appliance to Start the Day Off Right


Breakfast comes in all shapes and sizes no matter where you live! Designed with this in mind, the Breakfast Machine is your one-stop-shop for cooking cross-cultural breakfast cuisine.

This hybrid appliance features a steamer, oven, griddle and, of course, a toaster packed all into one unit. This way, you can cook Eastern items like stuffed buns and porridge AND Western items like steak, eggs and toast all at the same time! Only slightly larger than a toaster oven or microwave, it’s perfectly sized to be your countertop breakfast companion!

Designer: Ellie Zeng








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