The Spectacular Scenery of Yangshuo in China

The spectacular scenery of Yangshuo in China

The spectacular scenery of Yangshuo in China

From Hong Kong it is only two hours by train to reach the city of Guangzhou in China. At the border the immigration procedures were simple and fast. Sure, they had to check if I possessed a guide or books of Tibet (Dalai Lama). It seems that the border police has been instructed by the Chinese government to seize anything that represents Dalai Lama or the Tibetan independence claims. In Guangzhou (gray smog, clogged with traffic and very anonymous), I could immediately tell how to reach Yangshuo.

Here, the first impact with one of the biggest problems that I encountered during my trip to China: communication. Unless you travel paths are “classic” (by classic I mean a Chinese restaurant in Shanghai, the shopping centres of  Beijing, etc..) It is almost impossible to find staff who speak English and is willing to help. I went and only thanks to my travel guide in Yangshuo (was written the name in Chinese characters), I managed to buy a ticket for a bus sleeping in a twenty-five hour journey would take me to the destination.

I reached the town exhausted but it was really worth it. Just 70 km from the city of Guilin in Guangxi Province, is the famous Yangshuo (the so beautiful landscape of the region is portrayed on the bill 20Yuan). It seems to be a paradise for young globetrotters and tourists from all over the world who are traveling in addition to the many Chinese tourists.

The spectacular scenery of Yangshuo in China The spectacular scenery of Yangshuo in China The spectacular scenery of Yangshuo in China

The place is very crowded but at least I could communicate in English. Thank goodness the continuous tourism has brought a diverse number of restaurants and pubs with good beer and there are more than decent restaurants that offer a traditional continental menu. Since the first days I wanted to jump into the unknown of the Asian food (because I had read so many things on a travel blog promoting their delicious dishes). I ordered the classic fried rice or noodles soup, but then, armed with sticks I made peering courage and the steaming dishes of my neighbors table.

I will update more on my journey to Yangshou. Stay tune for more great images.

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