The Future of Smoking: Electronic Cigarettes Explained


The Future of Smoking: Electronic Cigarettes Explained

In recent years, technology has played a big part in healthcare. It has helped to prolong lives, manage health conditions and – in the case of electronic cigarettes – help people quit unhealthy habits. Without advances in technology, where would we all be?

Deadly white sticks

It’s no secret that smoking is seen as being a habit that can prove deadly for anyone’s health. It can cause numerous illnesses, including asthma and cancer (in extreme cases), premature aging and other cosmetic changes which can be unflattering to say the least. All that should be reason enough to quit, especially with smoking being responsible for many deaths worldwide; but quitting is hard.

Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine, the chemical which helps to make smoking so addictive. Without it, it would be easy to kick the habit. However, electronic cigarettes from the likes of might prove to be the difference between quitting and long-term health problems.

Smoking gets cooler?

One reason why some take up smoking is because they think it’s cool, but that perception could be kicked into touch by electronic cigarettes. They look and act like real ones, but what makes them different is that they’re pretty much harmless to use. Typically, they’re made up of the following components:

  • Lithium-ion battery – this is usually rechargeable from the mains
  • Cartomizer – this is the part of the cigarette where you put your mouth
  • E-liquid – a mix of mainly propylene glycerol with traces of nicotine and flavouring, this is harmless and creates the water vapours that come from electronic cigarettes

How they work is, when you switch them on, you put the cartomizer end in your mouth and when it warms up, lights up and emits a water vapour that closely resembles smoke. It looks cool, plus it’s much, much healthier than smoking an old-fashioned cigarette.

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