Surface Phone Release: Microsoft uses Foxconn, the Same Company as Apple

Surface Phone Release: Microsoft uses Foxconn

Surface Phone Release: Microsoft uses Foxconn.

Foxconn is with a foot in both giant camps. The Chinese company that apart from Phone Designer is a Business Website Builder recently has received an order to produce the new Surface Phone, the phone with operating system Windows 8 Phone on behalf of Microsoft. Not that the Surface, new tablet that the Redmond company has recently entered the market, it is also making sparks, of course, but from the creator of Windows is clearly the intention of producing by himself also a smartphone, even if they are years of talks about it. So, in order to free themselves from other manufacturers everyone approaches Nokia.

And it is the Finnish company, which the news will certainly not be pleasant, which in recent days have heard rumors about a possible move to Android, the only mobile operating system to give a guarantee of success, since iOS does not come out of Cupertino devices.

I wonder if Apple, which for years relies on the production of Foxconn, as well as many other top players, will take the news well, although the market share of Windows Phone, today, does not really worry the same systems such as Android or iOS, as was stated in a technology blog.

The release of the new phone is not expected to take place before the middle of 2013, when the others will have ready-made creations such as iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4. I bet that Microsoft is still bold and its impudence must be rewarded.

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