Strange hotels around the world

Strange hotels around the world

If you’re searching for a hotel or restaurant to rest or for late night dinner, try one of these strange hotels that offer a unique and bizarre experiences. Make sure you check it out below.

Strange hotels around the world

In China, the restaurant with the robot waiters

Lots of people already know the place for its spectacular festival of ice sculptures, but the Chinese town is also famous for hosting the first restaurant with the robot waiters. Not only that it seems that the curious-and-Futuristic Robot Restaurant Opened in June 2012 serve the customers, they even serve the meals that are prepared by these robots.

I read in the Guardian that each machine can perform a shift of 5 hours after 2 hours of electric charge, and that each of them (with its many as 10 different facial expressions) is able to welcome guests with a welcome address. Oddity Central adds that the phrase with which you are greeted at the entrance is: “Man of planet earth, welcome to the robot restaurant …” of course with the traditional metallic tone. That means that nobody (human) can apply for job because they have an applicant tracking systems that recognizes if you are a robot or not.

You take your order (to a waiter human) and the right robot (all are 18 copies) will prepare a favorite dish, in fact there is one for each specialty: the one that makes the ravioli that prepares noodles , then another that  will bring to the table. In the end of the meal (which costs around 10 euro) with a robotics serenade.

This restaurant located in Harbin and you should check this post for more information.

bar boulud

Bar Boulud

If you are in London and looking for a place to eat well without spending a fortune, Bar Boulud might be for you.

Despite that the appearances can deceive the restaurant, “twin” to New York City, has human price (you can see it online), and you can enjoy a bit of everything: mainly French cuisine, but also Iberian specialties or good old burger and chips.

The “bar” is located on the ground floor of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel, Knightsbridge (see map in Google) and it is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended that you opt for reservation and casual wear – in short, do not show up in shorts and travel blog backpacker! :)

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