Samsung S4 – The Next Generation

Samsung S4 - The Next Generation

The Samsung Galaxy S4 with it’s AMOLED display technology puts it firmly in pole position with front runners like the iPhone 4, with its splendid graphics and higher contrast screen than its high profile Apple competitor, the Galaxy 4G also uses less power than the iPhone. The displays on both these models are popular with the Galaxy’s AMOLED display coming in at 4 inches compared to the iPhone 4’s 3.5inch high resolution screen. Looking at the specifications of the Galaxy S4 on, this newest model packs a powerful punch with its faster processor and expandable memory slot.

As the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S4 don’t have an actual keyboard, both have a virtual keyboard and in another startling similarity both use single-core 1GHz processors and come complete with a 5 mega-pixel camera.

Choosing a smartphone is usually a personal choice but when it comes down to technical data, on paper the iPhone 4 may seem like the better prospect. Realistically, though, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equally as smart as its giant rival. The Galaxy holds its own, next to the iPhone, Sony Xperia and many of its competitors if we compare these models on sites like

At 130g, the Galaxy S4 manages to feel light without feeling cheap and stands up well aesthetically against the iPhone models, although many people still find the iPhone a more substantial piece of equipment to hold in the palm of your hand. The Galaxy S4 has improved its shell case in comparison to earlier Galaxy models with less flex. Although not an entirely new feature, we have to applaud the infra-red blaster at the top of the Galaxy S4 enabling the user to switch over the TV and use as a remote, or even change the temperature of the air conditioning unit. A neat and useful little extra for those tech buffs out there.

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