Keep Your Family Safe and Secure With a Good Fire Alarm System

Good Fire Alarm System

Every year hundreds of people die as a result of house fires and the resulting injuries. Thousands more sustain serious injuries. The worst thing about these deaths and injuries is that they could have been prevented through the use of an early fire detection and warning system.

Even statistics show that the chances of dying in a house with no fire alarm are twice as much as those of dying in a house with one. To keep your family safe and secure, getting a fire alarm installed is a must. You can buy a fire alarm online at and then follow the provided installation instructions.

Importance of home fire alarms

The primary purpose of a fire alarm is to detect a fire and then alert everyone in the house to the fire. You may assume that you do not need a fire alarm and that you can easily know when there is a fire in the house but what about when you are asleep or in another room? The importance of a fire alarm in the home cannot be overstated. It is essential in keeping everyone safe.

Another benefit of having a fire alarm in your home is early response. Some sophisticated alarms automatically alert fire services to a fire in your home. For others, you have to call for help yourself. Whatever the case, the early warning enables everyone to get out safely and for fire crews to arrive as quickly as possible. The fire may not cause as much damage as it would have if you had detected the fire late.

Types of home fire alarms

There are three basic types of fire alarms that you can install in your home. The first is the ionisation alarm. This uses an ionisation process in the smoke detector to create a current. When there is smoke from a fire, this current is interrupted and the alarm alerts everyone to the fire.

An optic or photoelectric alarm has a light which when diffracted by smoke particles, it goes off. The third type of alarm is the combined or dual type which consists of both the ionisation and photoelectric alarms.

Installation of a fire alarm

For sophisticated alarms such as those connected to some other gadgets or those that are interconnected, you will need a professional to install it. For simple stand alone alarms, all you need to do is screw it to the ceiling. Most easy-installation fire alarms will be accompanied by instructions that are easy to follow.

Teach your family about fire safety and response

You may have the best fire alarm system in your home but without teaching your family concerning fire safety and response, there is still a big risk of injury or death. Particularly, you should teach your kids what to do in case the fire alarm goes off. Where should they run to? Who should they call? Teaching them about running out of the house, shouting for help and calling fire services can save their life later on.

Do not wait until it is too late, make sure you take first step to view and purchase home fire alarms that will ensure the safety of your family.

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