Jarpet – Interactive 3-D Pet Learning System

In today’s changing world, not only have systems of education changed, but the methods in which children learn have changed as well. Children learn in a variety of ways – do you know your child’s learning style? One of the best way to teach kids and your children is by providing interactive learning material where kids can use their brain to solve given problem. To encourage children exploring animal kingdom, a team of designer come out with a great concept design called Jarpet.

Jarpet by Designers Zhang Di, Zhao Tianji, Ma Yinghui & Cui Minghui is a concept design created to help kids exploring the animal kingdom in interactive way. Basically the Jar is a 3-D projector that hooks up to the computer. You can download information and the app for a 3-D projected pet that sparks into life when the Jar is turned on. Ideal for children, it can turn into a hub for learning the lifecycle of a butterfly to owning a pet squirrel. Kids can enjoy vivid interactions with it, via multi-sensory technology.

There is a USB connection at the base of Jarpet, through which it is charged and transmits information. Online Jarpet shops will provide image data for various animals, and parents can make purchases according to their children’s interests.

For your information Jarpet is a 2012 red dot award design concept winner. Check out more photos below.

Designers: Zhang Di, Zhao Tianji, Ma Yinghui & Cui Minghui via: Yanko

Jarpet – Interactive 3-D Pet Learning System Photos

JarPet Concept Design Jarpet Concept Design Jarpet Jarpet Design JarPet - Interactive 3-D Learning System JarPet Concept Design by Zhang Di, Zhao Tianji, Ma Yinghui & Cui Minghui

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