Email T-shirt, Bluetooth signals arriving from e-mails

Email T-shirt by Chris Ball

Email T-shirt, Bluetooth signals arriving from e-mails

In a highly consumerist society especially for the high-tech devices, the traditional stronghold of consolidated companies or unscrupulous and left spin-off or newcomers, it sometimes happens to run into bizarre and original creations, born of the mind of a simple fan; technology lovers that are as simple as you and me.

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This is the case of the email t-shirt, the crafted interpretation of such was by Chris Ball, who has seen fit to endow his favourite shirt of the ability to warn him whenever he receives an e-mail message. He founded this way of interacting when he was ready to opt for change of address since he wanted to change providers (this was the way that made him think of signals).

Email T-shirt by Chris Ball Email T-shirt by Chris Ball

Combining some LEDs, a Bluetooth interface that allows a dialogue with an Android phone, an AA battery and a microcontroller, the neo-Archimedes enterprising made ​​sure that the lighting elements are activated when the phone gets an email, based on communication between the device and the dongle positioned on the shirt.

Is it a festival futility? Probably yes, but yet another example of how applications are feasible for everyone without even affecting much to the appearance of the final result.

Such a shirt is darkly to avoid for all those people who already are not happy of being disturbed kindly disturbed by a phone call. The process will let the emails, to certain persons which will arrive daily in industrial volumes. This is the second invention that I like after the iwatch by apple, which is my favourite till now.

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