Don’t Ruin Your Green Life on Holiday

Don’t Ruin Your Green Life on Holiday

Don’t Ruin Your Green Life on Holiday

There are many of us who now put a lot of effort into making our homes and our lives more environmentally friendly than ever before. This is something to be proud of and to carry on doing as much as possible.

However, is it possible that when you go on holiday you let your standards slip a little and stop being quite so green? If this sounds uncomfortably true then it might be time to consider how you can carry on with your life green even when you are abroad?

Don’t Fly for Hours and Hours

One of the worst things you can do if you are trying to control your carbon footprint is to go on long haul flights every year. Sure, the other side of the world sounds pretty exciting but there are great trips to be had closer to home as well. Holidays in France have been popular with UK residents for a long time because of the short travelling distance and the good value they represent. These two factors are now more important than ever.

Be Careful What You Eat

If you are environmentally aware most of the year then you probably spend a fair bit of time checking for locally produced, organic food. This is something which is actually quite easy to do once you work out where you can find the kind of thing you are after. It is a lot more difficult to do on holiday but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Your best bet is to take a self catering trip and check out the options at the nearby supermarkets. This means that you should learn the most important words such as ‘organic’ in the local language before you leave home.  If you decide to go to France then look out for the phrase aliments biologiques.

Ditch the Hotel

No matter where you go you will find that staying in a hotel is one way of undoing a lot of the good work you have done throughout the rest of the year. This type of holiday accommodation will see you burn up a lot of energy without doing really all that much at all. A far greener type of holiday will come with a camping trip. Again, France is an excellent choice and you will find a lot of the essential details you need on the likes of the Keycamp website. This kind of break will allow you and your family to carry out healthy exercises like walking and cycling without damaging the environment. It is probably the best and easiest way to get a great family holiday with is green, a lot of fun and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

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