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BlackBerry X10 output: N-series also will be unveiled at the end of January

Posted January 21, 2013 by stars in Technology
BlackBerry X10 Photos

BlackBerry X10 Photos via bgr.com

BlackBerry X10 output: N-series also will be unveiled at the end of January

A few days ago we saw the Z10 model, the first of the new series of BlackBerry-L to make its debut at the end of  January. This time we are going to see the X10 model, which belongs to the series-N, arriving in the same period. Or rather, we can follow the presentation at the end of next month while on the marketing you will have to wait until late February.

What we can say is that the interest for new RIM devices is quite high, both by the historians Canadian fans of the brand, on who is and was recently given the static nature of the default (I prefer to move on). Unlike the Z10, the X10 is a classic BlackBerry as with physical QWERTY keyboard but it fell perfectly in the new course of RIM with the BlackBerry operating system 10, which should be able to harass competitors because of its interesting news of free texting which is absolutely in step with the 3.0 times the phone.

Much like the current Bold 9900, the X10 will be much appreciated by those who still love each other, and there are many. The physical keyboard is one, but in any case we shoulc appreciate all social amenities-phone. However, the touch-screen will also have a well-stocked online store for thousands of applications. Click here for some info in the Blackberry Industry.

Little or nothing about its technical characteristics, but it will not be far from modern phones that crowd, and crowd, the shelves around the world.

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